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Determining the health of your TMJ (temporomandibular joints) before dental treatment is very important for the longterm stability of your dental work and your jaw joints. We will perform a basic screening of your TMJ and muscles at your initial comprehensive exam. Based on our findings, it may be necessary to scheduled a separate appointment for a complete and detailed evaluation of the TMJ and muscles.

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    What is TMJ Disease?

    TMJ Disease usually refers to the temporo-mandibular jaw joints and the pain and symptoms associated with that joint. Signs and symptoms may include jaw pops, clicks, locks, and painful chewing. TMJ disease screening is important because problems of the jaw joint and its associated muscles can affect treatment outcome and success.

    Common Symptoms of TMJ Disease:

    • Popping, clicking, and/or crackling sounds of the joint
    • Pain with chewing
    • Difficulty opening the jaw
    • Jack locking open or closed
    • Pain to the ears, or ringing in the ears
    • Muscle pains: neck, shoulders, jaw
    • Worn teeth
    • Unstable bite and sore teeth
    • Headaches

    If you are experiencing any of the above, or have worsening of symptoms, notify us and schedule an appointment immediately.


    Training with the prestigious American Academy of Facial Aesthetics allows us to deliver truly cosmetic dentistry by allowing us to provide Botox & Fillers (Belotero™, Juvederm™ and others) to better support your cosmetics needs, to relieve muscle pain and decrease bulky muscles, as well as to provide a more harmonious facial appearance. Botox is utilized to treat facial muscle pain and temporo-mandibular pain, and its use can help to maintain a healthy dentition and stability of dental work by helping to relieve painful muscle spasms, and clenching and grinding that are responsible for tooth breakdown and deterioration. BOTOX™ has been found to be very effective in the treatment of TMJ and migraines. BOTOX™ delivered to the painful muscles can relieve you of pain, tics, spasms, and the detrimental and involuntary clenching, and grinding responsible for tooth breakdown and deterioration.

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