What Is a Denture?

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For patients who have lost one or more missing teeth, finding the best alternative, such as dentures, that will replace the tooth can seem overwhelming. There are multiple different tooth replacement options for people nowadays, and dentures continue to be one of the leading choices.

Of course, having a good relationship and rapport with your dentist is one of the most important things that a person can do to ensure they pick the right option. However, with a good dentist and dental team by your side, you will know from start to finish that you are making the best decisions for your teeth, gums and overall oral health.

How do dentures work?

One of the leading questions we hear in our dental office is about how dentures work and their benefits for the person wearing them. Of course, when someone has lost multiple teeth and may have other issues with their dental or oral health, a dentist may suggest thinking about getting dentures installed for the patient.

What kind of dentures are there?

Most people may not realize that there are multiple types of dentures that a person can get. They offer options to help fix several different issues that can pop up.

Below, we are going to cover some of the most well-known types of dentures that someone may have the option of getting.

Partial dentures

A set of partial dentures are a type of bridge that is connected by two healthy teeth with teeth in bad condition or missing between the teeth that are healthy. A metal framework is used to connect the partial dentures. It can be very helpful in keeping the healthy teeth on either side in good condition by replacing the teeth that had been missing or rotting in-between.

Full dentures

A set of full dentures replaces the entire row of teeth that someone has that needs to be replaced. Once a dentist has determined that this is the best course of action, the dentures will be crafted and fitted for the patient. The dentures will replace all of the teeth in the mouth once they have been removed.

Typically the teeth have either already fallen out or have been deemed that removing the majority of teeth in the mouth would be the best course of action. This keeps the patient's mouth and oral health in the best condition possible.

Dentures can give you the smile you want

One thing that most people who are debating getting dentures are looking to obtain is a good set of teeth that they are proud to show off and have a good use for in everyday life. For someone that does get dentures, the maintenance and care that they will need to give them are not much different than a person’s natural teeth. Of course, our dentist and dental team will help answer any questions you have and help you get the best results and experience you can with your new dentures.

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